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Lurong Challenge

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Sunday, March 24, 2013
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012
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Testimonial - Jeremy White

"Working out at Geaux CrossFit is by far the most effective, efficient and fun way to achieve elite fitness, which is important when you're a 40-something-year-old NCAA football official trying to keep up with 19-year-old scholarship athletes. Lord knows they're not getting any slower."

Jeremy White
Publisher Red Shtick Magazine

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CrossFit Kids

New Year Tester


If you are doing the Lurong Resolution Challenge, you need to complete your workout before Monday!

Workout of the Day

For Time:
1200 Meter Run
-15 Back Squats (185/135)
800 Meter Run
-15 Back Squats
600 Meter Run
-15 Back Squats
400 Meter Run


How’s It Going?


To all the newbies in the gym- How’s it going? We would love to hear some feedback on your experience thus far!  You can let us know by leaving a review on our Facebook or you can send us an email directly! We’ve really enjoyed all the new faces. We hope you continue your healthy lifestyle with us! Keep working hard and let us know if there is anything else we can do to add your experience at Geaux CrossFit. Happy training!

Geaux CrossFit in Baton Rouge, LA
Limited sizes available lol. Check in the office if you would like to get one!!!

Workout of the Day
100 Hollow body rocks
300 Flutter Kicks (right +left = 1)


Partner Wod
15 Minute AMRAP
-300 Meter Row sprint
-AMRAP Dips or Push Ups

*While 1 Partner sprints on the rower, the other will perform AMRAP of dips/push ups.
*Score is total meters rowed and total reps performed.

Coach Mills


Workout of the Day
Accumulate 90” L Sit
*This is for quality. You can use the rings, 30 inch boxes, or parallette bars


For time:
100 Double Unders (2:1)
25 KB Swings (70/53)
75 Double Unders
20 KB Swings
50 Double Unders
15 KB Swings
25 Double Unders
10 KB Swings

Flu Season


Right now, the Flu is every where. Let’s do our part to keep it out of the gym. Please make sure you are wiping down all equipment and make sure you are washing your hands! If you have a mild fever, please avoid the gym. I am currently recovering from the Flu and let me tell ya’, you definetly don’t want this bug. It all started with a scratchy throat and then I progressivley got achy starting in my neck. If you feel these symptoms, please head to your doctor and get tested. Let’s stay healthy y’all!!

  Geaux CrossFit in Baton Rouge, LA

Workout of the Day

20 Minute AMRAP
-5 Power Snatch (135/95)
-10 C2B
-15 Air Squats

2015 Open


Registration for the 2015 CrossFit Open is now open! The first workout will be February 26th and for the first time, will have a scaled category to make it more assessable.  For 5 weeks, they will announce one workout that must be judged at the gym! You will have 4 days to complete the workout and submit your score. We encourage everyone to sign up! Once you sign up, be sure to also register to take the judges course. This will help get everyone taken care of. Our goal is to have 50 or more people participate in the open this year. Last year was a blast and we want you all to experience it. This is how the best of the best make it to the big times and you can be a part of that process. You will also be able to see how you stack up locally, regionally, nationally, and world wide!  This is a great way to test your fitness year to year and also a great way to keep you on track!!! Follow this link to register:


Geaux CrossFit in Baton Rouge, LA

Workout of the Day
Bench Press 3x5 Across


For Time:
-3 minute MAX Calorie Row buy in
2 Rounds
-200 meter Run
-15 Toes to Bar
-15 Strict HSPU

Day 1 of the Challenge


Today is day 1 of the LRC! Today we will do our bench mark WOD.  If you cannot make it in for the WOD, you have NO LATER then the 25th to get it done. There are no exceptions to this rule! You must be judged by a coach or member who has been informed of the standards in order to submit.  Your deadline for weigh in and measurements is also the 25th!  Please make sure you are following along with the calendar. This is a very involved challenge. I’m sure a lot of you didn’t realize what you were getting in to and that’s ok! We are in this together. The site can answer every single question you have. You should be logging in daily and staying in tune with everything that is going on. If you mess up, it’s ok!  You may not win a prize, but you will learn a lot from this experience and hopefully achieve a few goals! Please join our Facebook event for easy communication!


Geaux CrossFit in Baton Rouge, LA
I wish everyone could have witnessed Laura in her open water swim WOD. After completing a 60 second L sit and 45-12 foot target Wall balls, she hit the water and passed up at least 7-8 competitors. She was the 2nd person out of the water and finished 13th out of 74 in the event!

Workout of the Day

Coach will go over movement standards and make sure everyone is on the same page. Then we will partner up and judge each others workout.


7 Minute AMRAP
-5 Front Squats
-7 Bar Facing Burpees

level 3 (155/115)
level 2 (95/65)
level 1 (65/35)

*the weight will be different for each level. Weights will be posted on the white board in the am. Get some rest and eat healthy!

*Only level 1 can step over the bar


5X1 Weighted planks


Lurong Facebook Event


If you signed up, or plan on signing up for the Lurong Resolution Challenge, please join our Facebook event:

Lurong Resolution Challenge Facebook Event

We will use this event for useful tips, answering questions, and staying on track!

Monday will be our first workout! If you are out of town, you will need to find an affiliate that is participating or you can video yourself!  Also make sure you get your measurements. All of the requirements are posted in the previous post.  We have all the tools you need at the gym. Please ask of help!

.Geaux CrossFit in Baton Rouge, LA

Workout of the Day

Teams of 2
20 minute AMRAP
5 Muscle Ups
5 Dead lifts (275/195)

5 Hand Release Push Up +Pull up (perform 1 push up, then pull up x5)
5 Deadlifts

*Partner 1 will perform a round then tag partner. If you fail 3 attempts, perform 6 kipping ring pull ups to move through the round. This does not qualify as RX however.

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